“Enlightenment exists, and we can attain it. We can transmute the pain of existence, and realize the perfection that we are.”

From The Truth about Enlightenment: How to Find Egolessness, Nonduality, and Wisdom on the Buddhist Path

Fred H. Meyer, MD

Newest Writings

Self in Buddhism

By Fred Meyer | December 14, 2019

To those who meditate, self is what does their thinking, breathing or anything else they consider to be meditation. For them, there is meditation and a meditator that does the meditation. What performs their meditation, or anything else in their life, is construed as self. The realized or enlightened, those who experience the true nature…

The Relative and Absolute World

By Fred Meyer | December 4, 2019

Most of us live in the relative world. It is a dualistic world split into a self that we feel is inside us and a world outside that we try to align with self’s wishes. The interaction between self and what lies outside it creates three types of behavior: wanting, rejecting and ignoring. These behaviors…

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