From loving kindness and compassion, the nature of mind stripped of all obstacles,
I tap with this finger without an owner, words to all those suffering in this Dark Age.

No matter what your occupation or preoccupation, listen to these words from nothing that knows.
This world you live in has never, doesn’t now, and will never provide you the peace and happiness you seek.
Only mind has the wish-fulfilling gem that you seek.

There are those of us who are starving, being killed and mutilated in wars, and repressed by the slavery of “isms” crushing their humanity.
It is impossible to take time from those horrors to sit and look at mind,
But for those lucky enough to be spared for now, please look at the nature of mind, our only real refuge in this life and lives to come.

The peace, bliss and compassion of finding who we truly are or aren’t,
The limitless illuminating void we call mind
Is with us and accessible to us at all times.
We must not carry this treasure chest throughout life without ever discovering its contents.

We are all that we could ever want, when seen correctly.
I plead with everyone to please avail themselves of this gift that we are.
We are everything: clouds floating in the sky, the heave of the ocean , the breath of a breeze and we are perfect in all that we are.
We are the great perfection; it is not words in a book or those dropping from a teacher’s lips.
It is us and we deserve it.

We are boundless freedom, freedom before any thought of freedom.
We are love and kindness and compassion before ever instructed to be that way.
We are insight into what has always been insight into itself, before a split occurred.
We are fundamentally, completely perfect, so perfect that to speak of it detracts from its perfection.

Love that has always been mind and compassion that is the nature of reality
Spreads throughout these words for you and all the world.
May it in some small part ease the pain of those being torn on the rack of hope and fear,
Those writhing in the fires of pride and jealousy
Those exhausted by the needs of ego’s relentless wants.

What I am saying is the most important information you will ever receive.
Test it and see, don’t take it on faith.
Attain fame, revel in wealth, feel the power of conquering your enemies
And when you are done
Reflect on the truth of what I have written.

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