Tögal, the last of the last nonexistence
Beyond the space of non self, past the space of an unreal world
And beyond the endlessness of endless emptiness.

When light leaves and the eyes flash in what is left
The anchor of sight is pulled and the vessel of awareness drifts
Into the fog of no longer knowing itself
How wonderful the peace, how delightful the nonexistence of nonexistence
How indescribable reaching the end of the voyage.

Togal belongs to no sect; it belongs to everyone
It is secret, but only to the unknowing
It is not the provence of a sect; it is all of us.

From the emptiness that no longer feels itself
From the awareness that is no longer aware of awareness
From the freedom that transcends even a hint of freedom
I who is not I write to you who is not you from the bliss of nothingness beyond nothingness
From love that has always and never been.

With a mind prepared correctly by an enlightened teacher
And possessing the knowing beyond concept
Enter the darkness and find release from what has already been released
See what doesn’t see, hear what doesn’t hear and revel in the seeing and hearing
Cut off the vision that subtly tethers you to the smallest solidity of nothingness
And be the all that you can never be, but are.

Mangalam 12-25-20 Written by a servant of the Buddha of the New World, the Vidyadhara, Chögyam Trungpa, Rinpoche

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